Refugees with Attitudes


Jeff came to Germany in 1998. He applied for asylum in Halberstadt and was taken to a home in Saxony-Anhalt.

In his first years in Germany, he had a German girlfriend and also spent Christmas at his girlfriend’s house.
However, he suffered from chronic stomach pains and was taken to hospital after collapsing. After a few days in hospital, he went back to the home. Shortly after, he noticed that his girlfriend stopped coming to visit him.

One day he asked one of his friends why his girlfriend did not come. He told him that a social worker had called his girlfriend and the home and told them that Jeff had AIDS. Apparently, the girlfriend had stopped visiting him because of this. The stunned Jeff called the hospital to inquire. There he was assured that he did not have AIDS. Jeff suspects that the woman from the social welfare office claimed this to keep his girlfriend away from him.
One of his friends, who comes from the same village as him, visited this village and also told Jeff’s family this untruth.

Since 1998, i.e. for 24 years, Jeff has been living in Germany with a toleration. Jeff has been politically active in various groups for many years and fights for the rights of refugees.

Refugees are often in need of grace of those who are supposed to help them.