Refugees with Attitudes

Justin – Cameroon

Justin is from Cameroon and came to Germany in 2006. He applied for asylum and was transferred to Brandenburg.

“I waited every day for the answer to my asylum application. We were not allowed to stay outside the camp and once I came back to the home, I heard my friends talking about the conditions they were living in and I thought to myself at the time that maybe it was their fault and that they just didn’t want to work. Two years later I realised I was wrong. In 2009 I finally got the answer to my application and it was negative. During those 3 years I thought a lot; should I go back to my country or stay? I had to make a decision that I will regret for the rest of my life. Before I left Cameroon, I took money from my family and friends for the visa and ticket, which I have not yet paid back.”

– What happened?

“In 2013, I wanted to extend my stay but it was revoked and I was given a toleration. With the little money I had saved, I tried to get a lawyer. I have finally been out of the home for 2 years now, I am in Berlin. I only have problems when I’m sick, but I’m sick very often.”

– How do you feel now?

“I feel lonely because I have no one in my life. I haven’t heard from my parents or relatives for more than 8 years. I feel so empty that I often just cry. I don’t know if my parents and relatives know that I am still alive.”