Refugees with Attitudes

Koffi – Togo

Koffi comes from Togo, he came to Germany in 2004 and applied for asylum in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. After two months he was transferred to a home in Mecklenburg. In 2009 he receives his rejection. He appeals, but nothing happens. He then gets his toleration extended every month. In 2011 he goes to the foreigners authority.

“I asked them if I have a chance to stay here and work. ‘We don’t know yet,’ they told me at the Foreigners’ Registration Office.
After a while I went there again and told them that I wanted to go back home but not arrive directly in my country. I wanted to land in a neighbouring country, cross the border and go home. They said they would understand. I went to extend my stay and this time they gave me a residence permit for 6 months. I asked them why they were giving me 6 months. ‘We are working on it,’ they answered me.

After those 6 months, I went back to renew my stay. They gave me a work permit and told me to start looking for work. I thought things would get better now.
I found a job and worked for 3 years. It was the end of the month, I had one day off and nothing to eat at home. In the morning I was about to go to the bank to get money and go shopping when my doorbell rang. I opened the door and there were five policemen standing there telling me to get my things because I was now being deported…. I felt dizzy.
I went to get my shoes from the balcony. I don’t know how I landed on the floor from the fifth floor. I only realised when I woke up from the coma.”