Refugees with Attitudes

Danny – Mauretanien

Danny is Mauritanian with Ivorian parents and came to Germany in 2000.

When I met him, he spoke fluent French, English, Spanish, Italian and Russian in addition to his mother tongue. Between 2000 and 2003, he stayed with me at the Crivitz home. He rarely stayed there and often went to Hamburg. In 2004, he was arrested for violating the residency requirement and went to prison for 3 months. When Danny was released and they took him back to the home, Danny went crazy.

In 2009 he was granted residency on humanitarian grounds.

I looked for his parents to inform them, but unfortunately could not find them. Danny now lives in Schwerin in a flat and has a carer as he cannot look after himself. When I visited him in the winter of 2019, the heating in his flat was broken and there was only one lamp whose bulb still worked. I offered to ask the caregiver to get in touch with him. He did not receive a call, however, the installations in his flat were repaired two weeks later.
He has not been in Schwerin for six months and we have no information about where he is now.

There are many refugees here who no longer have any contact with their families or friends.