Refugees with Attitudes

Pan-African Vision

June 2021

For real and complete economic and political self-determination of African countries

We look back with anger on centuries of economic exploitation, political oppression and cultural dispossession in Africa. Formal political independence has done little to change this.

Colonial governors have now been replaced by small African elites who dominate political and economic decisions in more or less dictatorial regimes. In dependence or close coordination with the large industrial nations, they guarantee their interest in the further exploitation of Africa’s natural resources. They support the flooding of African markets with the products of multinational corporations. And last but not least, they cooperate in the relocation of ‘Fortress Europe’ to Africa.

In many African countries, resistance to this is rising and pan-African ideas of solidarity among African countries for real economic and political self-determination are gaining influence.

We really hope that Africa’s growing self-confidence will help to strengthen this vision.