Refugees with Attitudes

Demonstration in Doberlug-Kirchhain

05.09.2020 We’ll come united! – Speech by ‘Réenchanter l’Afrique’

In the current “Corona crisis” there is much talk of ‘solidarity’. But does it apply to all people?

Our solidarity should also and especially apply to those who are invisible, who live in precarious conditions in the shadow of society. People who have fled poverty, oppression, persecution, dictatorships and war to come to Germany. They hoped to find safety and a better future here. They would like to learn the language, find work and an apartment, support their families and lead a self-determined life.

This is often denied to them. In many cases, instead of welcoming them, they are only ‘tolerated’ and have to live for years without a work permit in inhumane conditions:

• often in precarious asylum accommodations, isolated from the locals
• often without any chance to learn the German language
• without the right to work to earn their own living
• without a possibility to support their families
• confronted with everyday racism and humiliation
• confronted with bureaucratic requirements that they do not understand or simply cannot meet
• and repeatedly threatened by deportation

First, many had to suffer the often traumatizing experiences in their country of origin and on the flight. Now they must face these experiences in Germany. Many are desperate, plagued by nightmares, and live in constant fear. This inhumane life in Germany make refugees mentally ill instead of giving them the hoped-for security and future prospects.

In our group ‘Réenchanter l’Afrique’ there are also people who have gone through these experiences. And many thousand still experience them. Countless people are forced to live here without papers – completely without rights, which makes them particularly easy to exploit.
And on top of that they are outlawed as so-called criminals.

Article 1 of the German constitution states: “Human dignity is inviolable”.
“Everyone has the right to free development of personality.”

We find it unacceptable that these basic rights do not apply to refugees.

And we find it unacceptable that freedom of movement, the right to earn one’s own living and the right to choose one’s own place of living are a matter of course for people from the rich industrial countries here, but not for most of the people from Africa, Asia or Latin America.

Our demand:
All people who live here must be given the right to work and determine their place of residence themselves!

Solidarity is indivisible!

Let us ensure that this is also experienced by those who live invisible in the shadow of our society and that their inhumane living situation is made public again and again!

We’ll come united!